Saturday, November 15, 2014

Destroyer of Worlds, by G. Daniel Gunn

Destroyer of Worlds, debut horror novel from G Daniel Gunn.
Published: January, 2012

ISBN-13: 978-0983732921
Print Edition: $12.99
Kindle Edition: $2.99

Horror Fiction Review said: "The first great novel of 2012. Destroyer of Worlds is a brilliant novel where nothing is as it seems... with so many twists, turns and surprises you won't know which way is up or down. Add a satisfying conclusion and you have the first must-read novel of 2012. Don't miss it."

An Amazon Reviewer said, "WOW! It's been a looooong time since I've read a novel that was as stunning, compelling and mind-boggling as... DESTROYER OF WORLDS! Let's just say that it was a tragic love story couched in a mystery within mysteries! I definitely do not want to ruin the plot twists--and there are many, let me tell you! Each one more unbelievable than the previous one!"

Corey Union's world is about to end. 

Around every corner lurk the inevitable signs of a coming doomsday. Corey moves his wife and daughter to a new home nestled in the woods… but nothing is what it seems in this man’s world. 

Elderly sociopath Hank Cowles and his little dog take a deadly interest in the Union family. Beautiful recluse Vanessa believes she is Corey's only chance for survival, even if saving the man means destroying his family, and his sanity, forever.

G. Daniel Gunn is the pseudonym of Bram Stoker Award author Daniel G. Keohane, author of Margaret's Ark and Solomon's Grave. His short stories have been published in a number of major horror magazines and anthologies over the years, including Cemetery Dance, Apex Digest, Shroud Magazine, Fantastic Stories and many others. He's received multiple Honorable Mentions in the annual Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.

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